Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve… you be the judge!

One day… scratch that, every damn day this guy named Situation appears! Nooo, not that guy from Jersey Shore… but that’s his name nevertheless! Situation is everywhere, all the time, and knows everybody. He’s into politics, religion, relationships, friendships, business…all that. He can be very good to people, extremely bad for people, and quite complicated to people all at the same time or even separately. Whatever the case, Situation ALWAYS runs into Would’ve, Could’ve, and Should’ve! I can’t tell if either of them are male or female because they keep exhibiting the traits of both sexes far too often and with the complexities of genders these days, its safer not assume anything! But, for the flow of MY DAMN STORY… Would’ve, and Should’ve are men and Could’ve is female. Ok, so in my opinion, Would’ve always comes off a bit arrogant and the “know it all type!” They’re always telling Situation how they’d deal with him and even try to make him feel wrong if he doesn’t agree. Then there’s Should’ve who seems like the bossy type. The only problem is; he often has so many regrets it’s hard for Situation to trust anything the guy says. And finally, there’s Could’ve! Bless her heart!!! She usually means well even when Situation doesn’t understand her. She’s been told she has a right to change her mind and perhaps its because she can be more emotionally in tuned than most. Situation is constantly bombarded by these three and has finally had enough. He has listened intuitively to them three and always has good dialogue and conversations with them. However, they always end up going nowhere and never really helping Situation out. So, finally Situation says…. FUCK ALL THREE OF YALL!!! Only God can judge me!!!



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