People Watching

Yeah, it is a good day for for a nice run…get after it bro! Oh, ok…she got the memo too it seems! Aww, how cute…hold mommy’s hand tight little one as you walk down the busy sidewalk! Men! At! Work… I see you fellas…welding, cranes, hard hats, steel toe boots, gloves…the type of equipment that makes you want to grunt or beat your chest!!! Don’t mind me, I’m just people watching.
See, I drive for a living and my route takes me through the bustling north west side of Chicago where I get to see people from all walks of life. I had an awesome weekend where it seems like my daughter secured her first job and I can’t stop thinking about her. I remember when she was as small as that little girl holding her moms hand. I remember encouraging her to push through when she ran her first cross country track meet. I remember feeling like I needed to man up and get stronge as a construction worker  when she started getting older. All these images of people just living their lives made me grateful and humble for the journey of life. And just this evening, I read a post from a dear friend of mine that reminded me of how careful we all should be when we speak about the various stages of life we go through.
  I remember thinking I had it all together the first 15yrs of my career. I was working downtown, felt like a corporate somebody using his mind and education to make a living. Then that job folded and in order to stay with the company, I now had to drive a truck for a living. I went from brains to brawn to provide and I use to think one was better or more prestigious than the other. Had I spoken about it in such a tone, I’d certainly have to eat my share of crow now. I’ve watched people go about life. I’m guiding my children through theirs, and speaking humbly, cautiously, and gratefully about my own!!! …just Embracing Necessary Things…



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