The Catalyst

Hello world…what’s happening? My name is Al. A common name, a simple name for an ordinary guy. I’m just like most dudes…typical male who loves music, likes sports, good food, good liquor, and of course beautiful women. I like to have fun, party a little, dance…I’m a free spirited type of fellow that doesn’t take himself too serious. I believe these are some of the traits that ultimately led to my given name of Cool Ass Al. However, there are sides to me that most people aren’t privy to that entertain the hell out of me. For instance: I absolutely love my dictionary app on my phone! The nerd in me loves to look up a word I come across that I know nothing about. At that moment, I feel smarter than all of you and I start having conversations and scenarios in my head where I use them in strikingly cunning fashion to make the scene erupt in laughter. Yes, I’m so self entertained that way! So, here’s what happened when I opened the app for the “word of the day.” It was “driblet!!!” …funny already, right!!!??? No lie, the usage in a sentence was: A driblet of water escaped from the corner of her mouth. Bwwaahhhhh… Coincidently, the second definition for catalyst says: One that precipitates a process or event. Once I got my mind out of the gutter, (here’s where you should do the same) I was able to embrace the nerdy irony of it all. The dictionary app was the catalyst to me starting this blog in hopes that one driblet turns into a precipitation of ideas. I hope it floods the gutters of our minds, cleanses the world some, and inspires driblets to escape the corners of your mouths as well. So, Live life…love life…and Embrace Nerdy Things yall!!! Peace!!!