Novel Decisions

…Because I refuse to make YET another post about other people’s decisions, I’ll express my thoughts here. Doing so on a social platform will will initiate the exact behavior I’m about to decry. LIFE is simply decisions made over and over again! You win some; you loose some. The good decisions USUALLY bring about good outcomes and the bad ones USUALLY bring about bad outcomes. YEP, sometimes you get lucky and/or blessed and sometimes you get fucked over. EITHER WAY, a decision was made FIRST to yield any result. Action leads to reaction!
  Simple, right!!!??? So why TF, How TF did people become so sensitive, narcissistic, opinionated, holier than Thou? And when TF did “everything” require a march, a protest, a cancellation (that bullshit), or a movement? Notice I put the word EVERYTHING in quotations!!! When EVERYTHING gets fueled by people’s opinions on other people’s decisions, It takes away from REAL issues, problems, fights, and/or lines in the sands that need ALL the attention, time and focus to be handled accordingly! If I posted that rant, everyone would feel they just HAVE to answer all the RHETORICAL questions I just posed, and thereby continuing the motion on the hamster wheel. So, I decided to keep my thoughts to myself and/or a very select view (a good decision, I might add) and focus on making another good one by checking myself when I feel the need to put energy into something unworthy… What a novel idea, right? …………lol, no need to answer that out loud either, plz and thanks!!!

Embrace Novel Things