Old is the new young…

This past weekend I realized just how old/young I am. It’s ironic that my last name is Newman, because this man was introduced to something new…a silent party! Perhaps you’ve heard of this awesome and creative alternative to noisy, neighbor bashes, but if not… here’s the scoop! There were 3 dj’s spinning a different genre of music on separate channels that can only be heard in headphones. That’s right…everyone in the spot had on headphones!!! The coolest part is that they had neon lights on them indicating which dj they were listening to! The nerd in me wanted to explore the equipment and follow the wires to the respective output channels on the amps, but I digress!!!

Ok, …so the overwhelming majority of patrons were clearly under…let’s say early 30’s on the high end. I calculated, mmmm, about 6 ppl in their 40’s and that’s including my girlfriend and I!!! One dj was spinning house and reggae music. The second dj was spinning old school hip-hop, and the fourth…new school/top 40 hits. All three were very good and having been raised by dj’s, I’m a pretty tough critic. With that said…. YOOOO, I DANCED LIKE NO ONE WAS WATCHING!!! I mean, I had “canned heat in my heels,” (i.e. Jamiroquai), “all eyes on me,” (i.e. Tupac), and “you can’t tell me nothin” (i.e. Kanye)!!! Old school hip hop…yep, I knew all the words to the songs! House/reggae… yep, gyrating and jacking…done! New school/top 40…I know the lingo and dances too… This 41 yr old man didn’t look too old for the new music, couldn’t be that young and know old school hip-hop like that, and libido was clearly healthy enough for the rigors of reggae and house! Now if only I can figure out how all that worked electronically????

Welp, I guess I did just show the nerd in me, huh….



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