Straight-Legging My Sleeves…

One of my favorite lines by 2Pac is “…and they say how do you survive weighing 165 in the city where the skinny ni**az die?…” (taken from Straight Ballin). The bars are so synonymous  to his life as a poet/thug/activist/performer, and to my life growing up on the south side of the Chi. Nooo, I’m no thug and I don’t live a life as he did but, I do at least weigh 165lbs! So, yeah…I did/do feel the need to get in and stay in the gym to at least be kind of strong for a dude weighing 165lbs! I set some immediate goals to be able to bench press 225lbs and have my biceps big enough that the sleeves of my shirts would fit nice and snug. (Pause for a feeling myself moment…) Ok, so first goal to press 225lbs is met and now I want to be able to rep it 3-4 times. Perhaps I’ll want more after I’m able to do that, but I certainly don’t want to be all, super buffed!!! You know…like when you’re so big and resting your arms at the side,  your palms face your back instead of your thighs!!!??? Lol!!! But, this sleeve situation has brought me a little less satisfaction! I was watching The Big Bang Theory one day and AGAIN realized how Sheldon’s sleeves on his super hero t-shirts were always so snug. I love funny and witty t-shirts because they speak to the nerd in me. But, all the same…the Chi-town 2pac in me wants to look “strong for my size sexy” in them! IJS… However, I often find these types of shirts have sleeves that do nothing to high-light my “225lb bench pressing, now only sorta-skinny” frame! I’m convinced that Sheldon’s sleeves are tailor made to fit him so, am I terribly wrong for possibly tailoring my sleeves? Back in the 80’s, we used to sew a seam down the inner pants leg from calf height down to make our pants fit snug around the ankle. It made your track Nike’s look fresh, right!!!??? So, if this gym thing doesn’t pan out…I might…I just might be …straight-leggin my sleeves!




  1. LaTasha · January 21, 2016

    I know you are serious about your gym goals but I am certain you will not have to bring out the sewing kit your grandmother had! Lol
    Great post and I look forward to reading more from E.N.T!
    #embrace #nerdy #things


    • Alvernon · January 21, 2016

      Thanks babe… ya know, I’m trying to maintain my sexy nerdom!!! 😉

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  2. Tiffany Michele Bellamy · January 28, 2016

    You’re such a nerd…a throwback nerd so it’s cool. But lemme find out you taking in your sleeves! LOL!!!


    • Alvernon · January 28, 2016

      …I mean…I’m just trying to be like SuperTiff! I just prefer to get there by the summer, so… 😉 Thx for commenting!!!


  3. Casey · February 1, 2016

    Found you on 🙂 You could just buy your shirts a size too small (but “tall” so they won’t ride up). Ha ha.


    • Alvernon · February 1, 2016

      Hey Casey… Thanks for reading! lol… Believe me, I do now own a few medium sized shirts and the results have still been 50-50. My struggle is real!! 😉

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      • Casey · February 1, 2016

        That’s hilarious. Well…you can always get a small-tall…ha ha. Of course, then you’re going to probably have the cutting-into-armpits issue. This is why my daughter shakes her head at me. I’m no fashionista. Nerd, now…THAT I claim. 😉


  4. Alvernon · February 1, 2016

    Ahhh…. Nerds with daughters who shake their heads at them…. I have found another who understands a part of me! 🙂


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