So Supple…

“Some say I have a dirty mind, sometimes that may be true, but these are just some dirty times…I aint trippin on you…!!!” ( Too Short… “I aint Trippin”) Oh, but I am…as well as trippin on myself so please don’t be offended. After reading the title and that first line, you’re probably thinking this post is about to be something intimate or freaky in nature so lets go there! When I hear the word “supple,” I’m picturing a scene where two lovers are alone in a dimly lit room with soft music playing in the background. She grabs his “wrists” and pulls him in closer. Gently moving her “hands” to his “elbows,” she guides his “arms” to hold her around her ” waist.” He does so with an aggressive yet gentle embrace  controlling her “spine!” Her “neck” tilts back at the pleasure of his hold awaiting his next move. Leaving his left “arm” around her “waist,” he moves his right “hand” to her “jaw” and gives her face a gentle caress while staring into her eyes. As they exhale, their “torsos” connect and that first kiss finally happens. Their “knees” get weaker by the second and sensations can even be felt in their “toes!” Now, I’m willing to bet you think the word “supple” is befitting in that little scene somewhere, but it’s really not. After the nerd in me just had to look up the definition… I realized society has made me use the word oh so incorrectly. Supple simply means “readily bent, folded or manipulated…moving with agility,” if you will! Every word put in quotations is simply a body part that is indeed supple….and not the actual feel of something! So, to quote the sentence from my dictionary app… “The supple ambiguities of English are a large part of its genius!!!”




  1. Tee Trigga · January 16, 2016

    WOW! When you hear that word you INSTANTLY think of something “intimate,” (Guilty) I’ve been using that word wrong for 21 plus 14 years! SMH! LOL!


    • Alvernon · January 16, 2016

      Trust me…I surely was expecting a different definition when I first looked it up!!! Lol…


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