I wanna steal my kids skills!!!

Sounds a bit bogus right? Selfish? Downright wrong on all levels, huh? Well, let me explain a little bit. You know the old saying “…if I could go back in time with the knowledge I have now…?” Yeah, well I just took it a step further and wanna go back with a little something extra. (I’ll also explain how the kids will be ok as well, so just let me have my moment, ok….cool)!

Now, I can just imagine how dope I would be if I had started writing poetry and songs in 6,7,8th grade like my daughter. No doubt I’d be an accomplished artist by 30yrs old! What if I had the bone and muscle density my 9yr old son has right now when I went out for my high school football team sophomore year. I was good enough to start at wide receiver but weighing 135lbs had me shook and I quit right before we started practicing with pads on. The lil dude can bench press 50lbs already! And dont even get me started on the leadership qualities my other daughter has… If I put them all together, I’d be captain of a professional sports team and writing monologues to share in the meetings I’m holding while presiding over the screen actors guild, during the off season of course!!!

My wonderful wife feels me too and doesn’t even know it… until til she reads this!!! Lol… RIGHT NOW she’s whining because her back hurts (yes, I did give her a lengthy massage… thank you) and she fears she’s gonna really hate getting old. Not that she’s vain and cares about the beauty that “so call fades,” it’s her fear of the body being succeptable to ailments. I bet she wants to steal our son’s solid lil muscles right now too; or better yet our daughter’s dancer body; or our other daughter’s metabolism! Put it all together for her and she’d be Debbie Allen’s choreographer and a strength and health coach when she’s not a practicing chiropractor!!!

NOW, image how dope our kids would be if me and my wife had ALL their skills first and early enough in life to have time to develop them!!! We’re in a good place now, don’t get me wrong… but, how much further could we possibly be?

Moral of the story… sometimes it’s best to be selfish, to take time to nurture your gifts and talents! If I steal my kids skills, I can give back AND pay it forward at the same damn time!!!



Lent, leant, lint

This Lent, I’ve decided to give up something not so tangible as social media as I’ve done in years past. I’m not giving up certain foods cuz I’m in the gym and I need my energy, protein, and necessary vitamins and minerals. And nope, I’m not giving up alcohol because frankly… I could use a drink as I write this right now. Don’t judge me either…hpmh!!! I AM GIVING UP PROCRASTINATION!!!

Yep, for far to long I leant on excuses as to why I haven’t taken the time to write. I lent my time to a host of other nonproductive things that cluttered my days like….lint! So, now, I’m committed to writing SOMETHING for at least 30-60mn everyday of Lent. Some will get posted, some wont… thanks for “Lent’ing” me your time.



This is a week late, but anywho… I wonder what would happen if I simply started to write. No direction, subject, aim, focus, target audience, or even a good spelling and grammar check… Wait, gotta get ready for work…be right back…………..

…………….Well that took hella long! I work outside and need to dress in layers which is a process I tell ya. It’s the coldest day (so far) of this winter season in the Chi… a brisk -4° to start the morning, warming to a balmy 7° this afternoon! And let’s not even get into the added windchill or the upcoming “colder” weekend. But, randomness aside, let’s get back to the first sentence. See, I haven’t blogged or written anything creative for that matter in (I cant believe it) a couple of years!!! WTF… Now, to my defense I did have a LOT of good shit happening in my life like getting married and starting a blended family (hardest thing I’ve ever done/doing in my life but I digress…for now, may be a good post for later), but still… 2 years yall, …RIDICULOUS!!! I have jotted some great ideas for posts, have some business ideas I need to put in motion but can never find the time to write. EXCUSES, BRO….EXCUSES!!! So, this post was simply to …try to write my way, out of my way, so I can write the way I really want to write!!! Yep, that’s it, that’s all… Peace yall, see ya (in print) soon. OH, and as always…


I “Ran” Into Huckleberry!!!


[Image credit: http://www.quickmeme.com]

Ok my people, stay with me for a second as I break this down! This may not even be nerdy (aside from my mind working a bit different than most, perhaps), but it definitely deserves a post! I’m sure we can agree that there’s a certain amount of respect you have to give a person for standing on their convictions. But, allow me to apply a little pressure to that theory…

Light pressure: Ok, it’s been a several months since I’ve posted….UGHH!!! Most times life just gets in the way…I got tons of shit to do! If you read “The Duality of Al” (insert shameless plug…GO READ THAT AFTER THIS…) you already know Alvernon is quite anal. So, I try to stick to the “nerdy” theme WAAAY too much. But, this is MY BLOG and I can write whatever I want!!! 🙂 i.e. My ipod is better than yours!!! My sock drawer is military organized!!! I think the Popeye’s chicken spokeswoman is HOTT!!! 😉 Although you have to respect a man for standing up for his convictions, it can strangle the writer in me. Clearly I have more topics I could touch on, but I’m trying (albeit very slowly and half assed) to build a brand here! …happy medium search…engage…

Hard pressure: Several months ago again, my girlfriend and I ran the Night Nation Run to stand up for cancer research. It was my first 5k run and I was amazed by the amount of ppl who were running, involved in planning, and/or just being there to party. The affects of cancer was very personal for almost everyone out there…. except for Huckleberry!!!

Runners take your mark! Us against cancer right? We’re over a thousand strong, so cancer goes (at least in my mind) “What, nobody wants to play for blood???”

And I swear…as we’re awaiting the sound off to start… this guy lights up, smokes his entire cigarette, and didn’t give one, single, solitary, fuck who had a problem with it!!! I was appalled at the disrespect to those who lost a loved one to cancer, but still had some respect at the balls it took to look death in its eye and say….I’ll be your Huckleberry!!!





And the nominees are….

Ok… sooo… https://virgobeauty.wordpress.com/  nominated me for “this” award…


Don’t be confused…we’ve already established I’m quite a man! She challenged me to push past the title and delve deeper so here I go. ***Side note: Cool Ass Al loves a good challenge. Read “The Duality of Al” for further insight!!!***


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. Virgobeauty, you’re awesome and I thank you! Oh, did you even know I’m a Virgo as well?
  2. Put the award logo on your blog. Done!
  3. Answer the ten questions sent to you. …keep reading! 😉
  4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer. …read some more, please! 🙂
  5. Nominate 10 blogs. ok, you’re up: hayatlmaskeen.wordpress.com, lafayetteangel.com, artistgirlcorpworld.com, fromthecsweet.com, stepville.com, readbetweenthelyme.com, threesaherd.com, jessiejeanine.com, wtmlpart2.wordpress.com, ccchanel41.wordpress.com

My Ten Answers

1. What part of today felt purposeful, yet, it was routine, or simplistic? -My girlfriend got pissed off by my twitter beef…which I found a little funny. She simply holds me down!!! 😉

2. Name three things that made you smile today. -A pic of my daughter and I made a local newspaper; I gained a new follower to my blog; received a good msg and funny response from a stranger on fb

3. What is something that you need to hear? -Music

4. Right now, what are you grateful for that is enough? -Air

5. What book, movie, song, or show are you indulging in? -Zoom (Commodores)

6. In what area of life, do you need to forgive yourself at this moment? I actually have no regrets right now.

7. If there was a book about your life, what would you title it? A Cool World Order

8.Provide five words that describe you. Steady, humble, confident, honest, peaceful

9. Often times, we get busy with the daily tasks of life. Who would you like to hug, and express your love to today? My daughter, mother, and girlfriend

10. What quote gives you hope? You can eat an entire elephant, if you take it a fork full at a time!

My Ten Questions For My Nominees

  1. What is your favorite “personal” blog posting, or the one you’re most proud of?
  2. What motivates/inspires you to write?
  3. Tell me something nerdy, quirky, or odd about yourself!
  4. If you had to choose between tv or music, which would you choose?
  5. What’s your favorite song?
  6. What’s your favorite movie?
  7. What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled?
  8. What’s your proudest moment?
  9. Name something you were embarrassed about then, but can laugh about it now.
  10. Dogs or Cats?

Somebody Call The Cops!

Ever hear someone say something ever so common, but it makes you laugh like crazy when they say it? I love moments like these and I grow fonder of the people it comes from because it displays what I find unique about them. It reminds me of that one lane of joy only they can provide and I find myself thinking about them and enjoying their company even when they’re not around. So, one night my girlfriend and I were enjoying some quality time and sharing stories of our pasts. We both grew up in the inner city of Chicago so we’ve both seen and/or experienced situations where a police presence was needed. Notice I said “police!” While listening to one of her experiences, she goes, “…and I’m like, somebody call the cops!!!” We’re still laughing about it to this day! For some reason, I felt like nobody uses the word “cops” anymore and she said it with such enthusiasm like it was quite the norm…and it is, really. But, for some reason it felt like I hadn’t heard it since the movie Robo Cop was out! Perhaps she’s been living in the far suburbs for too long and it’s given her a nerdy accent to the word? Perhaps it was me imagining this sweet girl in a panicking situation and so far out of her element she really did want to see Robo Cop on the scene immediately? In the next passing days and weeks, the word “cops” kept popping up all around me. You know how it is… like when you buy a new car for instance…you start noticing just how many “cars like yours” are on the roads all of a sudden? I mean, cops were everywhere! I even heard it numerous times in a lot of rap songs I recorded! So, my apologies sweetheart. Though the shit is still funny as ever… I sure wouldn’t want you to call Robo Police on me!!!